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Introducing FridgeCoin, the world’s first decentralized fridge magnet poetry set.


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Fully Jargon Compatible

Our MaaS (Magnets as a Service) Flagship Product authenticates layers of linguistic meta-meaning via user generated wordblock combinations with our revolutionary cross-chain Jargon Allocation Algorithm.


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Completely Anonymous

FridgeCoin wordblocks operate on a non-existent network (NEN) of integrated units of 3-Dimensional reality, making it impossible for anyone to remotely access the particular sentences you make on your fridge. Thus, our cryptography is guaranteed Hacker Proof.[/launchkit_colour_feature]

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Backed By Physical Assets

Purchase the FridgeCoin Crypto Poetry magnet set with cryptocurrency or USD. Securely store Fridgecoin offline in true cold storage on any standard magnetic surface wallet or fridge door exchange.[/launchkit_colour_feature]

Need to hype your useless coin? FridgeCoin is the solution.

Want to craft a
grandiose yet dubious
mission statement?
FridgeCoin’s got your back.

Need to make your ICO look like more than just a cash grab?
Don’t plagiarize your whitepaper, just use FridgeCoin instead!

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Use Cases

Having a bad trading day? Express it with FridgeCoin.

Cashing out after a bull run?
Use FridgeCoin to gloat to your normie friends

Want to shill your favorite coin?
FridgeCoin is the next generation decentralized shilling platform.
Guaranteed more effective than a John McAfee tweet.

Want to make a shitcoin? Don’t know how to code? Just use Fridgecoin Language Blocks to assemble your overhyped marketing, vague mission statement, incoherent whitepaper, and self aggrandizing tweets!
It’s the all-in-one ICO scam solution.

Now up to 10 times more tangible and 600% more useful than CryptoKitties!


Will there be a token burn?

No. Inhaling burning plastic is dangerous. Do not light FridgeCoin on fire. We are not responsible for this.

Is this for real?

Yes, This is a real product that you can buy. We accept cryptocurrency or USD. This is not actually an ICO, you will not receive cryptocurrency; however, accumulating FridgeCoin is a much lower risk than investing in more cryptocurrency.

When Is the FridgeCoin airdrop?

FridgeCoin will arrive at your physical address within 3-5 business days. Faster than Coinbase!

Who did this?

FridgeCoin is created by Post-Jaded. We’re a company founded by five friends dedicated to using humor (and fake blockchain tech) to help people move past their disillusionment into a more integrated way of being that we called the Post-Jaded state.

We ran a successful Kickstarter last year for Visionary Magnets, a new age AF magnetic poetry kit, which you can check out here.

That’s right! We have already launched and shipped a product which is a hell of a lot more than most blockchain dev teams can say. You can trust in our proven track record of not disappearing into anonymity, violating SEC regulations, or never updating our non-existent code.

When moon?

Patience, my child.


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