About Us

Post-Jaded LLC is a for-profit/non-prophet company based in Asheville, NC started by five friends, and we’re the creators of Visionary Magnets.

Becoming jaded and disenchanted is easy. Post-Jaded is about what comes next. Our mission is to help people re-engage with the beauty, truth, and goodness that initially sparked one’s inspiration and to help dislodge the well-intentioned but often stifling seriousness and misplaced superiority that can accompany the process of, or interest in spiritual growth.

In July 2017, Post-Jaded launched a Kickstarter for Visionary Magnets. Raising over $10,000 and over 200% of our initial goal, the crowdfunding campaign was a roaring success. You can visit the original Kickstarter page here.


The Universe is Laughing With You.

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