The Original New Age AF Magnetic Word Set


We raised over $10K on Kickstarter thanks to all
you woke-ass wooks.
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Visionary Magnets

Create infinite sacred fun with 444 of the most spiritually superior words in the English…

Over $10,000 raised on

  • “Visionary Magnets make me a better morning person.”

    - Liquid Stranger

  • “Trust me, both you and your creative unconscious need these in your life.”

    - Sophia Rose (La Abeja Herbs)

  • “The most hilarious magnetic poetry ever!”

    - Mullum Moonflower

  • “Cosmically magical and so much fun!”

    - Xanthia Pink

  • “We think Visionary Magnets are swell”

    - Sam Brouse (Papadosio)

  • “I’ve always struggled to communicate with friends in Asheville, Boulder, Portland, and San Francisco. Now with Visionary Magnets I can tell them how I REALLY feel!”

    - Michael Garfield

  • “I AM absorbing the transformational avocado potential and offering the psychedelic sound enema consciousness to moist 7th-dimensional holographic cosmic shamans.”

    - Simon Posford (Shpongle)

  • “Visionary Magnets let me construct pretentious statements on my fridge so that my friends can be reminded of my spiritual superiority in an easy, fun way.”

    - JP Sears

  • “I make a sentence while the coffee brews and it puts me in a lightly psychedelic mood right away.”

    - Liquid Stranger


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