Despite the massive advances in secure and trustless cryptographically-based currency models, DaPPs, and blockchain platforms, there is still one massive problem that has yet to be solved by even the most advanced “blockchain 3.0” procotols.

What the hell do you do with all the money you’ve made?

FridgeCoin is the first DaMP (Decentralized Application Magnet Protocol) designed to integrate with the social consensus linguistic protocols of all cryptocurrencies all while maintaning complete anonymity and security by running on a proprietary off-chain Non-Existent Network (NEN). By replacing energy-intensive and difficult to mine blocks with pre-mined WordBlocks that maintain the integrity of their conceptual significance regardless of market volitility, FridgeCoin is the ideal hedge for your crypto profits.


Decentralizing Context


An important scalibility feature of FridgeCoin is that the internal contextual matrix of each WordBlock is stored in a multi-level data structure that transcends the digital confines of traditional blockchain technologies by encoding the subjective experience of market participants into specific syntactical meta-patterns. The data storage structure is as follows:

Individual Concepts → Magnets → Words → Personal Meaning → Cultural Meaning → Transcedence and Unification of All Concepts → The Singularity → FridgeCoin

Concepts are embeded within the sub-framework of our proprietary Non-Existent Network using standardized reference codes known as “Words”. Concepts are mutually recognized patterns of shared and expressable meaning and words are the subunits that allow those concepts to be transmitted to other nodes (humans) in the network.

Using our cross-chain Jargon allocation algorithm, we have effectively scanned all possible linguistic sub-units and have determined the best words.

After hashing the best words into a set of discrete blocks, the result is FridgeCoin’s Magnetic Token WordBlocks.


Mining Meaning


After incorporating the unique combination of FridgeCoin WordBlocks through the standard optic sensory pathway into the brain and subsequently into the conscious awareness of the user, different layers of meta-meaning are transcribed via autonomic processes that rely exclusively on our exceptionally vague Non-Existant Network framework.

This Autonomic MetaMeaning Derivation Algorithm process is as follows:

  1. Check if the previous WordBlock referenced exists and is valid.

  2. Check that the meaning of the block is relevant to than that of the referenced previous block and does not throw an error when referencing existing syntactical and grammatical neurolinguistic Merkle trees

  3. Cross reference WordBlock combinations with conceptual frameworks and confirm difficulty, transaction root, uncle root and gas limit are valid.

  4. Check that the Proof of Meaning on the block is valid.

  5. Cross-reference cultural meaning with personally subjective meaning to derive a smart-contract implementation scheme for mutual understanding and shared connotation

  6. Check if the Merkle tree root of the state S_FINAL is equal to the final state root provided in the block header. If it is, the block is valid; otherwise, it is not valid.

The connotation of each WordBlock is mined by the following sequence:

wrd.relevent = Word.ORDER((before.word.meaning * (CONNOTATION_FACTOR – 1) + floor(after.word.meaning * VOCABULARY_LIMIT_FACTOR)) / DEFINITION_FACTOR)

Therefore, FridgeCoin WordBlocks solve the issues created by the ever-increasing assymetrical price discovery involved in traditional crypto assets.




Congratulations, you made it to the end of the whitepaper. This is the last bit of our marketing material, so cherish it. If you made it this far, you are obviously a true crypto believer. And, if we haven’t convinced you yet, we’re all out of options. That’s it.

So, at this point the only thing left to do is buy FridgeCoin.

But really, the bottom line is that if you have no qualms about spending millions of satoshis on an ICO with no proven track record that could turn out to be a vaporware scam, you should have no problem spending 10 USD equivalent on a product that openly admits it’s a vaporware scam and can actually be used for something besides hoarding wealth like a digital dragon.

See, what good is massive amounts of wealth if you can’t share the feeling of it with your friends?

The ups, the downs, the sideways action and everywhere in between is just how the market works. But, it’s also a reflection of how you and I work.

FridgeCoin WordBlocks are the distillation of the human sentiment that drives the market… your sentiment, my sentiment, our sentiment.

As a trader and investor, you can’t control what the markets do. But, you can control how you respond.

And, one of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal to both blunt the pain of loss and humble the vanity of success is humor. Fortunately for you, FridgeCoin is backwards and forwards compatible with all current and future hilarity protocol subroutines.

Realistically, FridgeCoin is not going to make you rich (you’ve got crypto for that). But, it’s the perfect catalyst for shared laughs, mutual understanding, and real human connection with friends, family, and your online community of like-minded folks.