JP Sears of Youtube Fame Knows How to Align His Fridge's Chakras.

Visionary Magnets 2-Pack


Save 3$ when you buy two sets.



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Save $3 with a 2-pack of Visionary Magnets and enlighten your sacred homie with a gift!

Create infinitely awakened fun with 444 of the most spiritually superior words in the English language.

Made by Post-Jaded, Visionary Magnets feature the finest new-age lingo, hottest spiritual buzzwords, and cosmically self-aggrandizing transformational verbiage to awaken your refrigerator’s chakras into higher realms.

And, with hundreds of billions of possible word combinations you’ll never run out of sacred knowledge to channel.

The perfect gift for the spiritual seeker or casual new age heretic, Visionary Magnets are manufactured in the USA and are designed to match with existing, but less enlightened, magnet sets.

They come in a sturdy ‘altoids’-style stash tin and can be used on any magnetic surface including cars, hat pins, display boards, tent poles, street signs, and, of course, refrigerator doors. 

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Weight 1.32 lbs
Dimensions 3.9 × 2.45 × 1 in
Words Per Set


Word Tile Height




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Visionary Magnets

Create infinite sacred fun with 444 of the most spiritually superior words in the English…

Visionary Magnets 5-Pack

Save $20 when you buy five sets.    

For each set you buy, we plant TWO trees via Trees for the Future.

2 Sets of Magnets = 4 Trees Planted

  • “Visionary Magnets make me a better morning person.”

    - Liquid Stranger

  • “Trust me, both you and your creative unconscious need these in your life.”

    - Sophia Rose (La Abeja Herbs)

  • “The most hilarious magnetic poetry ever!”

    - Mullum Moonflower

  • “Cosmically magical and so much fun!”

    - Xanthia Pink

  • “We think Visionary Magnets are swell”

    - Sam Brouse (Papadosio)

  • “I’ve always struggled to communicate with friends in Asheville, Boulder, Portland, and San Francisco. Now with Visionary Magnets I can tell them how I REALLY feel!”

    - Michael Garfield

  • “I AM absorbing the transformational avocado potential and offering the psychedelic sound enema consciousness to moist 7th-dimensional holographic cosmic shamans.”

    - Simon Posford (Shpongle)

  • “Visionary Magnets let me construct pretentious statements on my fridge so that my friends can be reminded of my spiritual superiority in an easy, fun way.”

    - JP Sears

  • “I make a sentence while the coffee brews and it puts me in a lightly psychedelic mood right away.”

    - Liquid Stranger