Greetings from the team at Post-Jaded, creators of Visionary Magnets.

We are pleased that you are interested in becoming an affiliate with us. We are launching a Kickstarter in early June and would love your help getting this cosmic tool for refrigerator enlightenment off the ground with a huge running start.

Here’s the basic premise: We provide you with a personalized link that you can use to link people to our website or Kickstarter and we’ll pay you based on how many people visit our site or buy our products.

In exchange for partnering with us to leverage your reach and network, we offer several different opportunities for you to generate revenue pre-Kickstarter, during the Kickstarter, and after the kickstarter as an on-going affiliate.

Before the Kickstarter:

  • Pay-per-click and Pay-Per-Signup
    • Any individual who clicks on your affiliate link to our website will track as a visit. We will pay you $0.20 for each unique visit.
    • Any individual who signs up for our email list will also net you a bonus.

We will pay you an additional $0.25 for each list signup on top of the $0.20 for the  visit. Total, that is $0.45 potential for every person in your network or email list.

During the Kickstarter

  • Direct affiliate % of sales from Kickstarter purchases made using your referal link
    • This will be managed through Kickbooster – a Kickstarter-specific referal program
  • You will receive 15% of revenue generated through Kickstarter

After the Kickstarter

  • 10% of sales from 

How To Sign Up:

Sign up here and we will approve your affiliate status. Please note this is not an open enrollment affiliate program, and you must be approved by an admin. However, if you know of others that would be a good fit, please send them our way.

After that, you can login to your portal to track your affiliate earnings. Please note that visits will be manually counted for each pay period, so they will be added onto your affiliate earnings that show up in the portal.

How To Help Visionary Magnets (and make $$$):

Make your own sentences with the kit we send you (we’re happy to provide you with one) post pictures on social media, and include your affiliate link.

  • Send emails, tell them how much fun you’re having with the kit, and direct them to signup for our kickstarter list with your affiliate link.
  • Utilize our extensive backlog of social media posts, and reshare them with your affiliate link.
  • Utilize the raw photo or video assets from our social media posts directly. We will add you to a google drive folder where you can access our promotional material directly.

Questions? Email us at

We look forward to mutually supporting each other!